When you tour with Muzzy's Place Sleddog Adventures you can choose from riding
in the sled to learning to drive your own team.  On multi-day trips you will learn
how to harness, feed, and care for your team on the trail.

Larger groups and longer trips will have snowmachine support.

Arctic Outer Wear (Bibs, Parka, Hat, Mitts, Neck Gaiter, Bunny Boots) are provided
if needed for all adventures.  You may bring your own gear if you would like.

Please scroll down to read about our trips.  (Custom trips
available with advance notice)

Kennel Visit :  1 to 1 1/2 hours, no ride involved, just meet the dogs, see the
gear, learn a bit about what we do (for the dogsled ride squeamish).   $50 pp

Dogsled Rides :  Prices are per person for ages 12 and over.  Children 4-12
are 1/2 price but must be accompanied by an adult on the same tour.  Adults only
for mushing school and overnight trips.

1 hour ride $95 pp :  One full hour on the trail.  Enjoy a variety of scenery as we
mush across some small lakes, then climb in elevation into a large white spruce
forest.  Then for the return trip home we wind down a technical trail through black
spruce forest.  After your ride you are welcome to stay for a hot cocoa, coffee or
tea and visit with the dogs.

2 hour ride $180 pp :  Same route as the one hour tour but with a diversion to a
wider trail for several miles.  Once there you are welcome to climb on the runners
with the musher and drive the team.  

3 hour ride $275 pp :  (snack included on the trail) This tour allows the individual
a more personal connection with the dogs.  We will be stopping to snack the dogs
and chat about their personalities and roles in the team.  You will have plenty of
opportunity to ride on the runners with the musher, practicing turns, braking and
stopping.  Expect to be out for about 4 hours once you leave the kennel with 3
hours of actual mushing.  

(Please allow extra time prior to all tours to be properly fitted with outer arctic
winter gear including bunny boots, if needed)   Tours (Half or Full Day Trips &
Short Overnighters)
Multi-day trips

Mushing School $425 pp : (6-8 hours)  Although you may find this school to be a
bit lengthy, we believe the 3-4 hour norm just simply isn't enough.  Things can go
wrong on the trail in the blink of an eye.  Safety for you and the dogs is number
one.  Dogs can be permanently injured just by hitting a bump in the trail too hard.  
Balance, alertness, attention to the trail condition ahead, the gait of each dog, a
clean gangline and speed of the team must always be monitored.  Expect 2 hours
in the kennel discussing dog care, the equipment, commands and practice
harnessing.  Next, 1 hour of being pulled by a snowmachine or small team so you
may get the feel for turning and braking.  (Lunch provided).  For the next 2 hours
we head out on the trail with you in the sled as the musher explains/demonstrates
different trail conditions and obstacles and how to manage them.  The final 2-3
hours as you join the musher on the runners is on dog care, hazards, snacking,
and performance.  Lastly, when your guide thinks you're ready, you will have full
control of the team as they ride in the sled and you are on the runners.  


3 day, 1 night overnight trip (tent camp) $1225 pp
Day 1: mushing school
Day 2: mush 20-40 miles and set up camp
Day 3: mush 20-40 miles and return to kennel

5 day, 3 night trip $2250 pp
Day 1: mushing school
Day 2: mush 20-40 miles and set up camp
Day 3: mush 20-40 miles and stay at a cabin
Day 4: mush 20-40 miles to a tent camp
Day 5: mush 20-40 miles and return to kennel

For all overnight and multiday trips, guests are expected to be in good physical
condition with adequate upper body strength and stamina.  Health and liability
waivers are required before participating.  

50% deposit is required when booking a trip.  Paypal address:         

Deposit is fully refundable if you cancel 30+ days in advance, minus the  
  paypal fee of $15 per transaction.
50% of deposit is refunded if you cancel 1-29 days prior to your tour.
All refunds are subject to a withholding for the processing fee:
     Paypal:  $15 per transaction
     Visa or Mastercard:  4.5% fee
If we cancel due to weather (-30 or colder at the kennel) you will receive 100%
refund if unable to reschedule.   (Note:  It is often warmer at our kennel than it is
in town so please do contact us regarding the temperature.)

Signed release form required before participation in any activity
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