Yukon Quest 250
Race Photos
Here we are dropping dogs in Whitehorse.  We found a nice
park with plenty of room to drop them, so we'd drive over
there from the hotel several times per day to feed and stretch
out the dogs... they seemed to have a great time there.  Some
of them could be let loose to play which was a special treat for
Here's the Yukon Quest & Yukon Quest 250 start chute. Eric
Butcher is on the left hooking up his dogs, Melody and her
team (dropped on the truck) are on the right (it appears she's
talking with the officials checking her required gear).  Shortly
after Melody took off the lights went out and the rest of us
started in the dark.. so much for circuit breakers!  :-)
Jan with friend Maria (who helped at the start!!!), sled
packed, and getting lines out and ready for the start.  The
evening start was quite fun.
Jan's team tearing out of the start chute (in the dark).  The
swing dog (second position) on the right in the photo
(musher's left) is Chuckie. He became very ill during the race
and had to be taken to the emergency vet in Whitehorse...
but from the looks of him here you'd never know he'd be
sick later in the race!   What a dog!
Photo: Peter Kamper
This man was competing in the Arctic
Challenge Race on foot.  He's pulling a pulk
and stopped to take photos of our teams.  He
is from Paris, France and was very friendly,
polite and courteous
on the trail.  We enjoyed these folks very
A few pics of  the Yukon
Quest 250 trail.  In the
middle one, that's Jinx in
the pink dog coat, resting
(she looks pretty tired
Sign and a bit of history on the Dawson
Overland Trail that much of the first part of
the race is run on.
The first picture on the right is just of my (Jan's) team on the
trail, but it was a beautiful section of trail with a lake on the right
as we came down through some hills.  The next two are of
Morton who got a short ride in the sled so I could keep an eye
on him.  I don't know him that well, and wasn't sure what he
was doing at one point, but turns out he was just fine, being a
goofball.  Isn't he cute?
Note:  Unfortunately the film went through the airport xray (yes it does affect film
under 800 speed) along with the pics from the Kusko 300.  They were all burned &
grainy, but they were all I had.  Sorry for the poor quality.